Prizes, awards and nominations

Social Impact Media Awards 2016 - finalist

SIMA - January 2016


Girls in Control Tanzania, a video about why menstruation matters, made with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation was nominated by a jury as a finalist for the Social Impact Media Awards 2016 - Impact Video.

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Golden Radiator Award 2015 - finalist

SAIH - November 2015


Zalissa’s Choice, a video about child marriage that we made with Dutch NGO Kinderpostzegels was nominated by a jury as a finalist for the Golden Radiator Award 2015.

The award acknowledges the most creative and inspiring fundraising videos, in particular those that move away from common stereotypes in global development. This is something BrandOutLoud has been fighting for since its beginning in 2007.

Jury's comments

"Child marriage is usually presented in such a simplified, unuanced and dramatic way. With this video, they have done an amendable job in taking a complicated issue and presenting it in a different, informative and engaging way. It shows the girl herself, her father and her teacher in a way that enables you to see the complexity of the issue."

David Girling: “This film made me feel hope for the future and proud of the father who was prepared to listen to others and look forward and challenge tradition.”

Rafia Zakaria: “It shows the community as active and that they are all connected in ending child marriages.”

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NRC Charity Awards 2013 - nominated

NRC Media - August 2013


"Finally!!! We are going to pay taxes", a campaign about tax justice commissioned by Stichting Oikos, was nominated by a jury for the NRC Charity Award in 2013. The campaign was published in a full colour double spread in the national newspaper. 


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