Change is needed. Empowering by branding.


Due to major cuts in public budgets within development aid, many local aid organisations in developing countries are at risk. Change is needed.

Local aid organisations often rely too heavily on funding from international NGOs alone.  We at BrandOutLoud believe in a new approach: empowering by branding.

With knowledge and professional communication tools local aid organisations are able to promote themselves more effectively. By actively reaching out, they will attract new partners and diversify their funding.

A strong brand and profile will enable local aid organisations to become more financially sustainable. Empowering them to grow and continue their good work.

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About BrandOutLoud

BrandOutLoud supports aid organisations with the development of their own branding, design and communication. Our aim is to encourage them to use this new professional appearance and practical communications tools in order to promote their organisation and their work.

As a non-profit ourselves we strive to enable aid organisations to address potential sponsors and supporters, in a more sustainable way,  by which they can grow and become more independent. 


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