"BrandOutLoud’s capacity to create amazing results, through their artistic design, technical expertise and imagery, was extraordinary.

"Moreover, there was a very human face to their work, a willingness to really engage the partner organisation in all aspects of the development process and make sure that together, the end product would be second to none," Director, All Ears Cambodia.

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“BrandOutLoud is not afraid to think 'outside the box' and they come up with creative and unusual concepts. Besides being creative they manage a project very well, deadlines are being met and communication is always easy.

Sometimes you have to search for the middle between an extraordinary concept and the financial feasibility, but they are always willing to look for alternatives. We were impressed by the quality of work and the beautiful imagery and videos, that is why we will continue to work with BrandOutLoud in our rebranding trajectory,” Manager Marketing and Communications, AgriProFocus

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“Working with BrandOutLoud was a refreshing experience for us. The project team only needed a few words from us to come up with superb ideas on how to emphasise the message we wanted to express.

Using creative designs, they made our proposal look great, engaging and attractive to read,” Communications Officer, Both ENDS.

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“Everyone has been very satisfied with the professionalism, quality and standard of BrandOutLoud’s work. CDMD is confident that this outcome contributes to the improvement of CDMD’s communication and promotion. This in turn will lead to raising our profile both in Cambodia and throughout the world,” Chairperson of CDMD Governing Board.

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“It was amazing to see how BrandOutLoud got under our skin and understood us deeply. Their encouragement to stand for our identity, while keeping an open mind and attitude is something that I will always take with me, ” Director, CRECH.

“Effective promotion requires a solid understanding of who you are and where you want to go as organisation, as well as a realisation of your strengths and weaknesses. This is where BrandOutLoud can step in and play a crucial role,” Regional Director, Woord en Daad (CRECH partner).

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“BrandOutLoud were fabulous to work with. They really took the stress out of the tough job of producing an Annual Report. They understood our organisation and our brief and we are delighted with the result. Everyone was very impressed with the final version,” Director of Communications, Fairfood International.

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“BrandOutLoud’s tremendous creativity and eye for style turned this project into a visual pearl. They were also able to translate complex notions into a practical and clear format. As well as the magnificent end result, working with them was a great pleasure: they were always full of bright ideas, enthusiastic and very cooperative,” Programme Officer, Hivos.

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“The new brand that we produced with BrandOutLoud is something we believe there is a real thirst for around the world and has been for some time,” President, International Co-operative Alliance.

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A video, Zalissa's Choice, was commissioned by Stichting Kinderpostzegels for their programme Suddenly Not a Child anymore; a cooperation between ICDI and The Hunger Project Netherlands.

Zalissa’s Choice was nominated as a finalist for the Golden Radiator Award 2015

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This platform for those interested in economic development and food security in Ethiopia was commissioned by the Netherlands Embassy, Ethiopia.

BrandOutLoud developed the online platform, as well as the strategy, concept, photography, website and social media copy. BrandOutLoud also supported on the production of print materials based on the original concept, such as banners and brochures. 

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“Working with BrandOutLoud on this project has been a good experience for our organisation. They challenged us to build on the existing concept and a very interesting new concept emerged as a result. We are very happy with the final product. It fits with our communication strategy and it is inspiring for our organisation,” Communications and PR, Oikos.

"The first time I saw this picture I had to laugh out loud. The campaign addresses a difficult issue with humour. The image itself plays with the stereotype of the ‘ruthless and profit-hungry’ multinational. That touches on a broader perspective: that ‘our’ international companies are causing poverty in developing countries,” journalist and partner in Oikos campaign.

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"Their way of working with partners, their innovation, creativity and sense of humour gets the best out of people.

We never thought that one day we would be able to share our story with the rest of the world. But here we are: thanks to BrandOutLoud! They helped us not only to develop our international communication but listen to the people we work with outside the office, which resulted in images and design of a whole set of communication tools."

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ClientsSNV, ETHIOPIA  (Girls in Control)

“It was a pleasure working with BrandOutLoud. I experienced their hard work, understanding, patience and commitment throughout the production. Their efforts definitely paid off. Every student, teacher and family member involved in the project was committed to following their guidance,” local project partner, Ethiopia.

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ClientsSNV, TANZANIA (Farming in Sneakers)

"The collaboration was very pleasant and we observed that BrandOutLoud had a very quick understanding of the project model and approach. Their storytelling approach fit perfectly with our desire to have the young people prominently in the picture. BrandOutLoud also sensed the desire and relevance to make the video 'swing'. 

"The end product is wonderful and exceeded our expectations. They made optimal use of a popular Tanzania song (a spontaneous initiative of BrandOutLoud during the filming process), the video portrays the youth not only literally dancing, but radiating flair, self-confidence and leadership in the interviews," SNV Tanzania. 

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ClientsSNV, ZAMBIA (Nutrition 4 All)

“I worked with BrandOutLoud on five films for SNV programmes. We collaborated in depth on the concept and storyline, and for each film Judith and Mark went beyond merely executing the brief; they understood it, embraced it and championed it. With warmth, humanity and dignity, BrandOutLoud portray authentic human experiences through intimate interviews and stunning cinematography.

“The resulting films get under the skin of the challenges and showcase the opportunities through the eyes of those at the centre of it. Trust is at the very heart of these productions, and as a client I knew I could trust BrandOutLoud to tell the story honestly, and also to elevate it to an inspiring experience for viewers,” Global Communications Marketing Advisor for Agriculture.

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ClientsSNV, ZIMBABWE (Portraits of Change)

“BrandOutLoud got to the essence of the stories we needed to tell. Their total focus on the people whose stories they helped to tell and the attention to every possible detail was impressive.

"I was particularly pleased with how they suggested and created a total concept for communicating our impact stories in film and pictures, all the time working with our wishes – very skillful,” Country Director, SNV Zimbabwe.

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A production was commissioned by The Hunger Project Nederland for their campaign Ladies First. The aim was to highlight a powerful woman leader in Northern India. 

The Hunger Project still uses the images of Rajwanti in their communications. The video also produced by BrandOutLoud is still used in country to inspire other women to act and become strong leaders. 

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“It was a joy to work with BrandOutLoud. They are professional, honest and give nuanced feedback. They make you think about what you stand for and if the image that you are projecting works.

"The products they create are beautiful and touch me every time. This could be due to the shock factor or the strength of the people that is visualised so nicely and makes me smile,” Trainer, Reframing the Message.

BrandOutLoud participated in the two-year Reframing the Message programme  about communications in global development. Touching on dilemmas as "How to get the public involved with development cooperation without being too simplistic in our communication and fundraising efforts?". BrandOutLoud provided several presentations, workshops, in-house consultations and debates. 

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