BrandOutLoud: Press cuttings

Away with the flies in the eyes
NRC, written by Rosan Hollak | October 2013

Children with swollen bellies and flies in their eyes. Development organisations and the media often use dramatic imagery to raise awareness of food crises or other issues in underdeveloped countries. It's time to change that, according to a group of agents from the sector.

Rajwanti from North India - working with The Hunger Project Nederland - shines again. Full colour spread in Dutch newspaper NRC representing a different perspective on international development.

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The face of Africa: our charity campaigns discussed
n'GO, written by Renaud Deworst | September 2013

In an ocean of information, every message needs to stand out in order not to get lost. A first step to acknowledgement: using strong images… But how do you grab the attention without harming your own image?

In this in-depth article, BrandOutLoud founders Mark van Luyk and Judith Madigan discuss several aid campaigns and talk more about the importance of branding and imagery. For every charity.

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The making of: campaign tax justice of Stichting Oikos
Vice Versa | August 2013

"Yeahh!! We are going to pay taxes!" says a smiling man on the backseat of a limosine. Over the last weeks this unusual Stichting Oikos campaign has been picked up by the media. The campaign was nominated by the NRC Charity Awards and published in a full colour double-spread in the national newspaper NRC.

What is the story behind this campaign? Vice Versa spoke with the creators: Rogier van der Weijden, communication & PR at Oikos, and the creative team Judith Madigan and Mark van Luyk of BrandOutLoud.

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Suffering doesn't pay of any longer
My World Magazine, written by Mirjam Vossen | June 2013

How to convince your donors to support your project? Easy: make clear to them how distressful the lack of food, shortage of schools and the suffering of street children are. More and more aid organisations are saying the opposite as this will decrease the support of their work in the long run.

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New opportunities
Vice Versa | February 2013

How do you effectively portray that people with a disability matter? 

In this special of Vice Versa on inclusion, BrandOutLoud's photo series Everyone Matters was featured on the cover. This series was part of our project with CDMD in Cambodia. Published in print.

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The Smallest Nonprofits Should Have The Most Powerful Brands
Fast.Co.Exist, written by Oscar Abello | September 2012

Because it can be seen as taking time and money away from helping people, non-profits often devote little or no time to developing their own brands. But this can be a huge mistake.

Wonderful article featuring BrandOutLoud and its projects in Cambodia. “Some are unaware of the influence branding can have; others realize its potential but have insufficient means to make the transformation.” 

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Positive realism
Vice Versa | July 2012

Interview with Director Judith Madigan in the Dutch journal of development aid Vice Versa about her experience in developing countries. Topics include what impressed her most and what has influenced her vision on the current debate on aid. Published in print.

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"No more children with fat bellies"
Het Belang van Limburg | July 2012

In-depth interview with co-founder Mark van Luyk in Belgian newspaper Het Belang van Limburg. The article looks at why he wants to portray development aid differently.

Piece written by his Belgian namesake Mark van Luyk. Published in print on 11 July 2012.

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Can aid organisations still "sell" Africa? 
Africa is a country | November 2011

Interesting discussion on post by Tom Devriendt - Africa is a country - featuring BrandOutLoud’s thoughts on the image of aid in Africa. 

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BrandOutLoud: branding local NGOs 
Insight on Conflict | November 2011

Peace Direct feature BrandOutLoud’s concept of "empowering by branding".

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Using transmedia change aid 
A view from the cave | November 2011

“Dutch organisation BrandOutLoud is sick of the status quo when it comes to how Africa is portrayed.”

Blogger Tom Murphy - A view from the cave - about BrandOutLoud’s approach on aid communication.

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"You paint with lenses, light, people and composition"
Caritas en Co | September 2011

“Is the use of shockvertising - advertising purposely using shocking images - by development organisations an old concept? Judith Madigan thinks so. She established the small non-profit organisation BrandOutLoud and came with a new strategy. No trigger through pity and negativity, through respect, postivity and strength.”

Interview with Director Judith Madigan about communication and marketing within development aid.

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BrandOutLoud: own branding makes local NGOs less dependent 
How matters | August 2011

“Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Judith Madigan, Co-founder and Director of BrandOutLoud, who reached out following my recent post, ‘Do CBOs have an image problem?’ BrandOutLoud works with aid organizations, local and international, to transform the pity-laden us/them paradigm used in many communications strategies to one that portrays the strengths and power of the people themselves.”

Blogger and online activist Jennifer Lentfer - How Matters - features BrandOutLoud.

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Branding: creating a new identity
Phnom Penh Post | May 2011

"There are many many hundreds of NGOs, local and international, in Cambodia but there is one thing many have in common – the need to get their message across. The need to create their own recognisable identity, their own brand. To become professional communicators to better promote their organisation and their work.”

A thorough report by Charles Amery about BrandOutLoud in the first English-language newspaper of Cambodia.

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Pushing barriers to change the image of development aid
Vice versa | May 2011

“Vice Versa has a new set columnist: Judith Madigan of BrandOutLoud. A dutch non-profit supporting local aid organisations with their branding, marketing and communication. Today she introduces herself.”

Director Judith Madigan in Vice Versa about her involvement and her drive to change the image of aid.

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Marketing and charity: happily ever after?
Vice versa | March 2011 

Shocking TV commercials and imagery, shockvertising, are marketing components frequently used in the non-profit sector. How far should or can you go to raise money for a good cause? Up to what point does the end justify the means? 

Publication in Vice Versa by BrandOutLoud's Director Judith Madigan about the needed change in aid communications.

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BrandOutLoud: own branding makes local NGOs less dependent
Vice Versa | December 2010

“Local NGOs often rely heavily on funding from international NGOs. After the government cutbacks, can international NGOs continue to fully support local partners? Non-profit organisation BrandOutLoud suggests a new approach: empowering aid organisations through branding and marketing.”

Leading Dutch journal on development - Vice Versa - features BrandOutLoud’s story.

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