Breaking Barriers | latest project Sierra Leone

10 May 2014


“All we need is to push. Because by pushing I believe you can make it. I was pushed and able to make it until today.” - Salay

While at BrandOutLoud we are driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multi-media storytelling. It’s the people who always inspire us. And so did the people of One Family People in Sierra Leone.

Working with them has been a fantastic roller coaster filled with discussions, brainstorm sessions, music and dance. Never a dull moment and everything was made possible - from blocking the highway to filming the recordings on national TV. Experiencing their energy, passion and perseverance was amazing.

So it is with great pleasure to present the work we have done together: the concept of visual identity and their first promotional video. This project of branding and communication was commisioned by One Family People, with financial support of ICDI, Liliane Fonds and BrandOutLoud Foundation.

@One Family People - this one is for you! And we believe, that one day: barriers for people with disability will be broken.