Our Approach: Empowering through Branding

With the right professional communication tools, as well as a strong brand and profile, your organisation can promote itself more effectively and increase awareness. By actively reaching out, you can attract new donors and diversify your funding. This is the BrandOutLoud approach: empowering through branding.  


We can help your organisation to brand and promote itself by conveying your message and identity through visual means; be it photography, websites, logos, videos or visual storytelling. At BrandOutLoud, we visualise to persuade.

Developing a professional set of communications tools is all about identity: knowing who you are and what you stand for. A genuine, convincing and authoritative message will attract a broader audience, help raise funds and increase your impact.

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In our approach to branding and communication, BrandOutLoud emphasises the strength, resilience, beauty and dignity of the people you work with. This is in contrast to “shockvertising”, the use of pitiful and shocking imagery commonly found in development communication.

BrandOutLoud portrays people in their own environment in a respectful and hopeful manner with the conviction that people are the force for their own change.

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We will work with you onsite to develop your message, strategy or tools. By working together in direct collaboration, we can discover the essence of your organisation and develop the story you want to tell the world.  

BrandOutLoud is a creative agency with a big heart for social causes. We work to realistic costs and non-commercial budgets.

Contact us to explore how we can help you improve your organisation’s brand and communication.