Our Approach: Empowering through Branding

Local non-profit organisations are often too dependent on funding from international development organisations. We at BrandOutLoud believe in a new approach: empowering by branding.

A strong brand and profile will enable local organisations to become more financially sustainable.

With the right knowledge and professional communication tools, local organisations are able to promote themselves more effectively to increase awareness. By actively reaching out, they will attract new donors and diversify their funding.  

We work with both large and small scale organisations to help empower local partners.

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At BrandOutLoud we believe that aesthetic photography is a powerful tool for communication. We encourage organisations to brand and promote themselves by visually revealing their identity and accomplishments: Visualise to persuade. 

We believe that developing a professional set of communication tools is all about identity: knowing who you are and what you stand for. A genuine, convincing and authoritative message to the world will attract a broader audience, help raise funds and therefore increase your impact.

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In its approach to visualisation, BrandOutLoud emphasizes the strengths, resilience, beauty and moreover the dignity of the people and subjects that the organisation aims to help. This in contrast to ‘shockvertising’ - the use of pitiful and shocking imagery commonly applied in development aid communication, often counterproductively. 

We portray persons in their own environment in a respectful and hopeful manner with the conviction that people are not necessarily victims, but leaders of their own change. 

We believe that making your audience part of the solution as opposed to gaining only sympathy leads to increased involvement and a more long term relationship.

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We are a group of professionals with an on-site project team who work with you to develop your new strategy and tools. Together. By working directly with your team, we can discover the essence of your organisation and stimulate involvement and motivation, which are essential for creating commitment to new methods and objectives. 


BrandOutLoud is a creative agency with a big heart for social causes. We work with realistic low costs and non-commercial budgets. Since it is our aim to support your organisation, not to make money, we are a social business in everything we do. Wherever possible, we also try to convince partners to provide us with non-commercial prices or even to actively become involved in our work.