“Women must form federations. More women means more power. And when our power grows no one can break us.”

BrandOutLoud is driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multimedia storytelling in which aesthetic and powerful imagery is the key for successful communication: Visualise to persuade.


"In this portrait we wanted to create a 'fire in the belly' experience. Not only through the use of quotes or images, but also due to the way the essence of the story and its main character resonates. It is Rajwanti's story and voice. We filmed in multiple angles with two cameras. Images of her as a leader and an active woman supported the story line, enabling the viewer to understand her life and answer questions such as, what does leadership mean to her?" Mark van Luyk, BrandOutLoud. 


These images were commissioned by The Hunger Project Nederland for their campaign Ladies First. The aim was to highlight a powerful woman leader in Northern India. Meet Rajwanti, a strong village councillor with a vision. The BrandOutLoud team worked closely with Rajwanti, her family and The Hunger Project team in Northern India.

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The Hunger Project still uses the images of Rajwanti in their communications. The video produced by BrandOutLoud is also still used in country to inspire other women to act and become strong leaders. Rajwanti herself made it all the way to disctrict level. However, she is now taking a break from politics to spend more time with her family.

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