Anak Bangsa
Indonesia 2008

“Preventing vulnerable children from working on the street - now and in the future!”

BrandOutLoud is driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multimedia storytelling in which aesthetic and powerful imagery is the key for successful communication: Visualise to persuade.


The concept of this project reflected a three-point relationship between the deprived, but strong, child in his or her environment, their wish or ambitions and the support provided by Anak Bangsa.

This emphasises the caring and supportive role of Anak Bangsa in the lives of these children.


Anak Bangsa was set up to provide underprivileged children in Central Lombok with an After School Care Programme to give children a caring and safe place, where they will be able to learn, play and develop. In order to enable Anak Bangsa to evolve successfully, BrandOutLoud supported them in setting up a professional communication strategy using a tailored concept, branding and design.

BrandOutLoud worked onsite with Anak Bangsa over three months to create a range of different communication tools including business cards, letterheads, a website, leaflets, posters, e-newsletters, postcards, signboards and more. BrandOutLoud also taught the organisation how to use these new tools through tutorials and instruction manuals.


Through the new website, many people have been able to contact Anak Bangsa and learn about their work, resulting in a large increase in online donations.

Three computers have been donated to Anak Bangsa by an Indonesian foundation in Jakarta and they have been able to move to bigger premises, enabling them to expand and support even more children.

"When we established Anak Bangsa, there was nothing: no identity, no marketing and no communication. BrandOutLoud has given us all this, and thanks to their professional help we can reach out to a broader audience," Founder and Project Coordinator, Anak Bangsa.