Tax Justice
Oikos - The Netherlands 2013

“Everyone can contribute to the global movement for a poverty-free world. That is what Oikos believes and therefore encourages politicians and other individuals to act.”

BrandOutLoud is driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multimedia storytelling in which aesthetic and powerful imagery is the key for successful communication: Visualise to persuade.


Oikos wanted to raise awareness about tax justice in the Netherlands, especially due to its image as a tax haven.

“It was a challenge to create a concept with an edge; without being demeaning or disrespectful towards the target audiences. This is why we decided to use humour to make this subject more tangible for a broader public,” Mark van Luyk, BrandOutLoud.

“While tax justice is much spoken about, it is difficult to grasp for many people. At the same time, it’s everyone’s duty to pay taxes. The idea that there are multinationals who need to consider this from the angle of ‘okay, let’s start paying taxes’ is beyond words... This was the starting point for the concept,” Judith Madigan, BrandOutLoud.

The desired result was created through a mixture of stunning imagery and crisp copy.


Over the years, Oikos has launched several nationwide promotions in support of international campaigns including this “Tax Justice” campaign, which BrandOutLoud developed with them.

BrandOutLoud developed the concept, as well as produced the imagery and design. The copy was done in collaboration with the Oikos team.


The campaign was nominated for a NRC Charity Award in 2013. As a nominee, it featured in a full colour double spread in NRC, a national newspaper and was picked up by various blogs and media outlets.  

“BrandOutLoud challenged us to build on the existing concept and a very interesting new concept emerged as a result. We are very happy with the final product. It fits our strategy and is inspiring for our organisation,” Communications and PR, Oikos.

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