International Co-operative Alliance
Switzerland 2013

“Showing that co-operative enterprises build a better world and are resilient in times of crises.”

BrandOutLoud is driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multimedia storytelling in which aesthetic and powerful imagery is the key for successful communication: Visualise to persuade.

CONCEPT: an aerial view

This series gives a global and aerial view of people “working together” in different sectors and settings, as individuals or in environments and with elements created or used by individuals. The global marque was the starting point of the imagery and provides a promotional umbrella and unity of purpose for the global co-operative movement.

The linked Os in the marque symbolise working together and connecting people. This is the soul of the brand. Similar to the simple design of the marque another key element was added to the imagery: subtlety. As the audience, you have to make that connection yourself.

“The manipulation of these images has to feel as natural as possible. Every aerial image was carefully selected, as was the type of manipulation. It should always complement the image and not reduce its quality or message,” Mark van Luyk, BrandOutLoud.


As part of their support for co-operatives, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) started to develop a new brand and visual identity for the global co-operative movement.

ICA asked BrandOutLoud to work on a selection of signature images - that would not only build a coherent brand but also resonate with thousands of co-operatives worldwide whatever their model, location or sector.


The global marque was launched during the ICA Global Conference in Cape Town. The images were used on several banners throughout the city. The other branding materials were also used to promote the brand among the various co-operatives.

“The new brand that we produced with BrandOutLoud is something we believe there is a real thirst for around the world and has been for some time,” President, International Co-operative Alliance.

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