Rise for Justice

“For the logo we have been looking for the sense of strive, solidarity a.k.a. the raised fist of Dr. Marther Luther King like Hady showed in the video. While working along side the organisation we noticed a great energy when One Family People was campaigning, demonstrating on the streets. It was as if everybody was breaking out… driven by passion and motivation to fight against injustice. That sense we wanted to get back in the visual brand identity.” - Mark van Luyk, creative director.

In the logo you see several components i.e. 3D design of ‘breaking through’ in line with a raised fist, the rise of justice - and of One Family People. Giving that sense of power, energy, movement.

The combination of colour and font are selected to stand for activism, shout out… energetic. As well as to stand out from the more traditional NGO-communications. Specifically capitals in the name itself are not used - this would have made it too aggressive and bold. The care for others, the gentleness, should remain.

“Most importantly, the three words of one, family and people are standing close together. The y of family is connected with people as the l. With reason - as one of the things that strike us was the way One Family works as a strong and close team. As a open and equal unity.”

Breaking Barriers

One Family People is a local human rights organisation striving for a transformed country where people with disability - from children to adults, men and women - participate equally in every day life. Where they are given a space to live up to their full potential. Music, drama and sport play a important role in their work. These are powerful tools in changing people mindset. In changing perceptions. 

“At One Family People we want to break barriers for people with disability. If these are not broken there is no how we can have a inclusive society. There is no how our country can prosper.” - Hady Diallo, Senior program manager

Over the years One Family People has grown towards an established local NGO with a large national and regional network. However due to lack of expertise in branding and communications it never had the opportunity to actually step up and reach a broad international audience. 

“In 2011 ICDI introduced us to their partner One Family People in Sierra Leone. Their work, personality and perseverance inspired us from the beginning. It was because of their own effort and the commitment of their strategic partners ICDI and Liliane Fonds to make this project happen that the BrandOutLoud Foundation decided to co-fund this project. Giving One Family People the chance to get their message across.” - Judith Madigan, founder BrandOutLoud

In February 2014 key team members of BrandOutLoud spend two weeks on-site in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. In close partnership with One Family People, BrandOutLoud unveiled its identity and strengths - via brainstorm sessions and workshops. As part of the concept development moodboards, a pitch and logo were developed. With ultimate effective outcome: a striking short video enabling the organisation touch the hearts of current supporters and potential donors alike.

At BrandOutLoud we will support One Family People till December 2014 with their branding and communication through our After Care Program.