“At One Family People, we want to break barriers for people with disabilities. If these are not broken there is no way we can have an inclusive society. There is no way our country can prosper.”

BrandOutLoud is driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multimedia storytelling in which aesthetic and powerful imagery is the key for successful communication: Visualise to persuade.

This is a video portrait of Salay a.k.a. Lady S. She is a leader, singer, social worker, mother… and disabled. With the support of One Family People, she knows her rights and speaks for herself.

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“One Family People has great energy and are really driven by their passion to fight injustice. Music, drama and sport also play an important role in their work and in changing the general mindset towards people with disabilities. This is what we wanted to capture in the visual brand,” Mark van Luyk, BrandOutLoud.

For the logo we looked at the idea of solidarity, taking the raised fist of Dr Martin Luther King as inspiration. This can seen in the 3D design and the lines, which give a sense of power and movement.

The three words: one, family and people stand close. The y connects it all together; with reason: what struck us was the way One Family People work as a strong, close, open and equal team.


BrandOutLoud worked onsite in Sierra Leone, in close partnership with One Family People to define the organisation’s identity and strengths. As part of the concept development moodboards; a pitch and logo were developed, as well as a striking short video to reach out to current supporters and potential donors alike.


The concept, logo, colour palette and video have come together to form a package that One Family People can use to attract a more diverse and international audience, as well as funding and donors. 

BrandOutLoud is currently taking the next step with One Family People's brand and communication strategy. The next phase will include brand research, deepening the understanding of the organisation's niche and developing new communication tools, such as stationery and a website.

“Everybody is happy with the concept, logo, pitch and video. We love it so much. They held up a mirror to us and reflected who we are and what we stand for,” Senior Programme Manager, One Family People.

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