Video Credits BrandOutLoud


Kinderpostzegels - Burkina Faso 2015

“In Burkina Faso, one out of every two girls under the age of 18 must marry. 14 year old Zalissa sees another future…”

BrandOutLoud is driven by the desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multimedia storytelling in which aesthetic and powerful imagery is the key for successful communication: Visualise to persuade.


"We developed the concept for the video with Kinderpostzegels. Zalissa's story stood out and we knew we wanted her to tell it, from her point of view, in her own words. The idea was to give her the power of the storytelling, just as she was fighting for the power to stand up for herself and ensure she would not have to get married," Mark van Luyk, BrandOutLoud.


This video was commissioned by Stichting Kinderpostzegels for their programme Suddenly not a child anymore, a cooperation between ICDI and The Hunger Project Netherlands. BrandOutLoud worked in Burkina Faso to show how Zalissa fought for her education and future. This is her story.

Zalissa’s Choice was nominated as a finalist for the Golden Radiator Award 2015